Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gumbo, a portfolio, and a new blog.

Well we meet again blogger! It feels good to be back. One of the reasons why I've decided to start blogging again, is because it feels like I have so much to share in my life right now and I want to share it with my family and friends. I want to share my life from behind the lens (even though it may seem like everyday "boring" stuff that I do, I enjoy it just the same). So let's kick-off this blog with a grand first post!

Let's start with my incredible husband (he'll be featured here much) Matthew. Where do I begin with this guy? We met sometime in 2000 or 2001 and didn't reconnect until 2010 which then led to us getting married in 2011. He's a intermediate architect that specializes in BIM (building information modeling) which basically is digitally designing a building on a computer, to put it simply. Matt has currently been working on his portfolio to show to potential employers and has been working so hard on it! I can't wait to see it bound! Ready for showing-off.

As for me, I'm a housewife. And I love being one! You'll learn more about me in future posts. I do hate to go on and on about myself. I'll let my pictures speak for themselves. Anywho, today I spent a great portion of time working on dinner. That's right I said it! It almost took the whole day to make! It still has about an hour of cooking to do. Today I tried my hand at gumbo. Now I had never had real gumbo before (only the stuff from a can) and I've always wanted to make it. Now gumbo is a southern dish (or bowl) and I'm no southern gal. So I went to the most reliable southern cook I knew to get a recipe. You guessed it! Paula Deen! I know the lady is known to put a stick of butter in just about everything, but I still love her. This recipe was a process but with only an hour left of cooking, and with much taste testing, I can say I am very pleased and surprised with the great flavor! I only had to add some rosemary, thyme, and red pepper flakes to spice it up a bit and it is lookin' "peachy keen."

Here's the Gumbo recipe if ya'll would like to try if for yourselves.

And last but not least on the introductions today.... our cat; Gus! Matt and I had searched at animal clinics and pet stores until we finally found the type of cat we were looking for. We found Gus at a local Petsmart when he was about 3 months old. He was just a little guy, ripe to be plucked into mamma's arms (which is me of course). Gus is a very playful, loving, and mischievous little guy. He loves spying on the outside neighbors and taking long naps between the hours of 1:30 pm & 6:00 pm. You'll learn a lot about this little kitty in the future too. He's one of my camera's many shooting victims... I mean subjects...

Well I'll wrap it up with a quick cherrio! Hope you enjoyed my first post. Come back soon!

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