Friday, September 2, 2011

ah... family

 After having oodles of fun at the hospital, my mom thought it might be time for her to visit Matt and I. All I can say is... thank You Lord! For bringing my momma to me. Every girl needs her mom.. especially when pregnant and injured. She was such a comfort to me; helping clean the house and doing the dishes, giving me a belly rub. My oh my. The house feels a so empty without her. It didn't help that today was Matt's first day of work. All of my babies are gone! We all had a great time together though, while everyone was able to stick around. I suppose it's time for me to get a crackin' on the nursery and kick it in to high gear. 

 Yes, I even took the time to neatly fold my mom's bathroom tp...

 We visited my uncle and aunt. They own an antique shop. 
Bet you couldn't have guessed by looking through their house.. I love it!
(collecting old things must run in the family)

My mom was  such a sweetheart to me as soon as she got home. She likes to buy me little things that I need or surprises me with a special card.. What a loving gal she is. I miss you mom!
  1. My dress that my great grandma knitted for me for when I was a wee lass.
  2. Old Raggedy Anne book for the nursery. I grew up reading and playing with Raggedy Anne things.
  3. Sweet little note from my mom that she left behind as a surprise.
  4. An old ceramic syrup jar that she bought for me at an antique store while she was here.

I hope that my parents can both visit soon. You gotta love family <3

p.s. Matt got a job! So excited and proud of him!

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