Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 It feels like I've been neglecting my blog lately. I've been so busy trying to get the nursery done. Plus my husbands birthday is coming up and I've been working on his gift. In other news, my dad visited us recently which was great! Gotta love my dad. He likes to get things done and help around in any way he can. He recently scored us some free tv by installing an antenna on our patio, so now we get the news! Hooray! I took my dad to Folsom Prison while he was here too. Let me tell you, it is a nice facility for a prison. I love brick walls and old gates.

It wouldn't be Folsom Prison without Johnny Cash.

I recently scored some new items for the nursery which saved Matt and I a fortune. While my mom was here I had found a glider chair for $12.50 at the goodwill. We went back the next day to see if it was still there and it was marked down to $9.50!!! So we grabbed that sucker and threw it in my moms little sedan and took it home and cleaned it right up. My neighbor is going to help me re-upholster it so it'll look good as new!

Our next steal was an solid oak crib and new mattress that I got off of craigslist for $75. I polished it up and threw the mattress in and I am loving it! It took me a little over two hours to put together since the lady who sold it to me didn't have the directions. But I got it all put together!

Matt and I made a separate trip earlier before to a yard sale to look at a crib and didn't care for what we saw. The sellers though were super sweet and had a ton of baby clothes and told me I could have at 'em since they were going to drop them off at good will anyways. I got over 48 pieces of clothes! 

A little too pink for my taste but I'll take it!

One of the last things that I got for the nursery was something that my parents had gotten for me when I little; a changing dresser. It's in great condition! It was originally sitting in brothers closet, but my dad brought it up here and it goes perfectly with the glider chair and crib. So glad to get all of these important items for so cheap!

I don't think Mr. Polar Bear minds his sleeping arrangements that much either...

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