Saturday, August 6, 2011

a birthday surprise

 Last week my husband and I drove down to Orange County to surprise my dad for his birthday. We had our doubts about doing it but with a final "go for it" from my mom, we hopped in my car and made the 7 hour drive last minute to make it home just before 11 pm to surprise my dad. Seeing his and my moms smiling faces made the long drive worth it.

Gus getting ready to do some traveling.. and driving?

 Matt and I went out to one of our favorite restaurants for the special Friday night dining and dancing. Something that we always had done before we were married.

 At the beach with my sister and her husband.

I'm glad Matt had a guy to throw the football with. I honestly hate throwing footballs.

Pear Salad

 At the river with my dad, brother, and husband.

We found a sandbar that was swarming with fish. 

My friend and I went to the mall to look at baby clothes. It was hard to find anything that wasn't pink.

Rub that belly!

Gus, making himself at home in my mom's office.

I miss my douggie, Ben. <3

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