Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY: Woodburning

What you'll need:
  • Wood burning tools and tips
  • Something to burn on. Michaels sells a variety of different shaped wood to burn on. Oak is the best.
  • Carbon paper for tracing
  • Scotch blue tape (or something that is strong enough to hold your picture in place, but easy enough to remove from your wood piece so as to not leave any tape adhesive behind)
  • 1 pencil
  • Wood varnish

First pick out a picture and edit it to make it black and white (this will make it easier to trace since the lines are more defined).

I chose something with bark around it for an old time feeling.

Place your carbon paper where you will be tracing your image.

Next place your image over the carbon paper. Tape and secure and trace.

Make sure you put enough pressure on your pencil so you don't have to go back and trace again.

Then we burn the wood, sand the piece down and put 7 coats of wood varnish on and let dry.

These make great gifts! I made this wood burned duck for my dad for his birthday this year to go along with his Ducks Unlimited themed office.

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