Saturday, August 13, 2011

goodwill: bang for our worthless buck

 Well as the title suggests, I've been doing a little shopping at the goodwill these days. I use to frown upon our local goodwill store. On previous trips, it always seemed like I could never find anything. But recently I struck gold at our store the other day while I was looking for some baking equipment. I've been reading a book by Jim Lahey, called  "My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method" and fell in love with his method of slow rising dough. In one of his recipes, he calls for a Romertopf clay baker (something I don't have nor want to purchase for $40 dollars). So I set out to goodwill to solve my baking needs, and improvise with something else. And guess what I found?

Oh yes! Clay baker for $5 bucks!

 and then guess what I did?

I baked myself some delicious ciabatta bread. 

 The recipe was a little complex and the dough was hard to work with after an 18 hour rise, but it was well worth the hard work. This bread is great with a balsamic vinegar dip, sandwiches, and bruschetta. Can't wait to have some more tonight with dinner. I also got a mason milk jug for a buck (as pictured above) so I suggest you get to the goodwill, because you'll never know what treasure you'll find there.


  1. Yum! Nothing like homemade ciabatta! That looks like it has a nice outer crust. :-D I tried making ciabatta once a couple years back, and the recipe used a starter, so it took two days to make. Yours looks better I must say! Enjoy a slice (or two!) for me. :-)

  2. Aww thanks Allison! I'm sure your bread was delicious! But man, that's a long time to make bread!