Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the blackest of berries & the sloppiest joes

 The other day Matt and I decided to go down by the river to pick some blackberries. Let me tell you one thing about my husband; he is a berry picking fool. This man would not leave until we had a full bucket of blackberries. The bad thing about blackberry bushes, is the amount of thorns on every vine. It's almost impossible to reach ripe berries without getting scraped or cut. So best wear some boots and jeans when venturing into these thorny bushes. Another thing to be aware of (especially in the nor cal area) are the snakes. Rattle snakes to be specific. I was about to venture into a bush, combat boots and all when my husband persisted on going in first. He took one big step in and scanned the ground and let out a gasp. "Snake!" We both hightailed out of there as if we had seen a boogie man. I had the hibbidy-jibbidies just thinking about getting struck by a snake. I no longer went off the path to get berries but stayed on the bike trail to remain out of harms way. But we didn't come back home empty handed after the whole snake fiasco. In fact, we came home with at least a little over a 3 pounds of berries. So we rode our bikes back home, victorious and hungry. That night, we were going to have sloppy joes. I was particularly excited to eat sloppy joes since I hadn't had them since I was a kid. Although sloppy joes are considered a poor man's meal, I found the ones my husband made to taste excellent! He had used his own spice mixture too.

I can't wait to cook with these little juicy morsels!

While Matt was cooking I found Gus digging through his laundry. It looked as if he was digging his head into Matt's underwear....

Caught you in the act didn't I?  You little stinker!

We enjoyed our meal out on our porch with a couple of blackberry freezes while we watched the sunset.

We went to the river again today to do some water coloring.

 I'm really enjoying the summer weather and the berries that come along with the season. I also just started and finished a book today called "Still Standing" by Carrie Prejean. A former Miss USA contestant, and also a former Miss California pageant winner in 2009. I loved her book. It only took me around 6 hours to read. I definitely recommend it, especially if you remember watching her in the Miss USA 2009 competition.

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