Monday, July 11, 2011

a giving day

  Today was a big day for Matt. He had his first interview with a contracting company this morning. You think he would be nervous right? Nope. Turns out, I was the one that was sweatin' it. So much that I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night. When our 6:45 am alarm went off, I was ready to get his day off to a good start, despite my zombie-like state. I grumbled  a little at first, stretched and yawned, but it was time to get a cookin'. So I made one of his favorite breakfasts, banana blackberry pancakes, sunny-side up eggs with some ham. Everything turned out delicious. I'm quite surprised I didn't burn any pancakes since I'm not used to waking up so early. After finishing the dishes, it was time to send Matt off. I seriously wanted to say kick some interviewing butt or something like that, but I think a simple "I love you, and I'm praying for you" was what came out of me. I kissed him goodbye.

 Now it was time to do some grocery shopping and house cleaning... If only that's what happened. Right after Matt had left, I got very sick and tired. So I crawled back into bed and knocked out for two hours only to be awoken by a smiling Matt, holding a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers out to me. He reached down and gave me a big hug. I was so happy, I almost cried. He wrote the sweetest little card too. It was exactly what I needed. So I hopped out of bed ready to clean the house, while Matt went to the gym. After he was done, we set off to the library, which ended up being closed (note to self, library is always closed on Mondays). It was off to the grocery store for now. I really hate going grocery shopping so late in the day. It's always busy and it seems kids are always screaming at their parents if they don't get that toy or if they don't get that stale gum ball that's probably been sitting in the dispenser for over a year. What a head ache. Anyways, we braved the crying kids and completed what needed to be done. We got home and unloaded and snacked on some cookies that I had made. Then Matt told me that we should probably share some of the cookies with our neighbor. So we wrapped some cookies up and headed over. Our neighbor is one of the sweetest ladies. She invited us in with a big smile and told us to have a seat. We had talked to her plenty of times before. She told us recently that she was diagnosed with cancer. Today was her first day of chemo. I had felt so bad when she told us. I wanted to excuse ourselves but she kept us right where we were. She told us all about the things her and her late husband would do together. I almost wanted to cry. What a sweetheart. She shared a zucchini recipe with me and I gave her some blackberries that Matt had picked the day before. It was a giving day. We left soon after exchanging gifts. I was going to bake some bread today for the first time and I decided if it turned out okay, I would send some over to her. I hope she enjoys it. I find it so much better to give than to receive.

Matt getting ready for his interview.

The finished product. Not too shabby.

Gus people watching.

So remember to give to someone. The simplest things can make anyone smile. <3

p.s. Matt said the interview went great!

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