Friday, July 1, 2011

The almost zoo trip...

 Today Matt and I decided to go to our local zoo. We had made a trip to the zoo before only to find that it was about to close in 15 minutes. So this time around, I was determined to make it on time! We pulled our way into the parking lot and walked towards the entrance. Finally! On time. I was ready to look at some caged wild critters! $4 dollar admission too. It was going to be a perfect (and cheap) day. As we approached the entrance though, we noticed many people leaving, and we also noticed the cars leaving, AND we also noticed the entrance gate closing..... Turns out, the zoo was closing early due to the over priced rodeo next door... So we turned to plan B: return library books and check more out. Which was fine with me since the library is literally right next to the zoo. After stocking up on 13 or 14 books and a couple of dvds (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was one of them, a favorite classic of mine) we headed downtown to look at some shops. Despite the zoo closing up on us again, a good time was had elsewhere.

As you can see, I usually check-out cook books and anything craft related. Particularly at the moment, I'm going to try and pick up wood burning. I have a great teacher to boot too! My husband, wood burning extraordinaire! Here's something that he recently did for my mom's birthday:

He wood burned a picture of my family's dog, Ben, and made it into a clock. My mom went crazy over it!

Well now it's time to get some grub, cuddle up on the couch and watch a good old black and white film.

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